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The good people @themoremobile will be bringing FREE delicious cupcakes in the back of their pimped out truck to me and 1,500 of my closest friends. So put on your eatin' pants and head to Prudential Plaza (at Lake just east of Michigan Ave) for free cupcakes. We'll hand them out until the truck is reduced to crumbs and the dreams of frostings past...

BUT WAIT - there's more than just More. There's a career fair with a sweet twist. Not one of those sad, wait-in-line-to-fill-out-applications-with-everyone-else fairs. Those suck. This is a quid pro quo career fair. Here's how it works:

- Email a job lead (title and link to job description if available) for a position you have a direct contact that you can help connect fellow jobseekers to [email protected]

- Everyone who shares a job lead will receive a complete list of the leads submitted including the seed list which includes positions with PepsiCo, Critical Mass, Edelman Digital and other awesome companies that give out paychecks!*

Come for the free cupcakes. Stay for the excuse to waste an afternoon "networking."

*If I could afford a lawyer they would probably tell me to indemnify myself here. Participation in the Cupcake Career Fair is voluntary. It does not guarantee employment, consideration for employment, or even consideration as a human being. Heck, a college education and the willingness to be paid in paperclips doesn't guarantee a job. Let's just try something different and see if it works. If nothing else, you get a free cupcake.

Date & Time

Wednesday, November 3 2010 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm (CDT)

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Prudential Plaza (unless the fuzz tells us to move)
118 E Lake Street
Chicago, IL

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cmozilo 1. EVERYONE gets free cupcakes. Invite your friends (even those with jobs).
2. Feel free to enjoy cupcakes and network whether or not you have a job lead to share.
3. Any other questions?

November 1st, 2010

aliciakan Can't wait for the Cupcake Career Fair. I probably won't eat the entire Tuesday, just to prepare. #Cupcakes4Jobs

October 30th, 2010

cmozilo Kat - I've found it's easiest to sneak out of the office for snacks if you promise to bring some back for the people with clear views of the doorways. My hot tip from the days when I worked. Look forward to having you.

October 28th, 2010

katatvandy I hope to be able to escape my office for this! I can direct people to some potential labor and employment opportunities, and will beg for a job for my boyfriend in HR starting in June!

October 28th, 2010

cmozilo Already have a job that gives you unlimited highlighters AND health insurance? That's cool. You can still come on down for free cupcakes. Cupcakes are equal opportunity... I think.

October 28th, 2010